Humble Pi, A Comedy of Maths Errors is a book by Matt Parker, released in 2019.

The book is a fun read of maths mistakes that have consequences in the real world.

This is not a book about formulas, nor is it about theorems, proofs, or how not to make mistakes in maths.

The author states in the introduction that one of the purposes of the book is to show that maths is not always about being right, but more about the process of exploring the mathematical world. Yet, with each example of misfortune caused by some maths “mistakes”, I can’t help but feel like the opposite happens. It might very much be the point!

I discovered the author, Matt Parker, through his Youtube Channel, and I bought a signed copy of this book on

I enjoy his humour, and I liked this book, and I’m happy I bought this book, but not for the reasons you might expect.

Indeed, most of the book content can be found on his YouTube channel directly, and this transpires in the book: I felt like watching him speaking about each chapter as if I was watching one of his YouTube video.

Buying his book is my way to tell him thank you for having made me laugh in his videos and in this book.