Book review: Humble Pi, by Matt Parker

Humble Pi, A Comedy of Maths Errors is a book by Matt Parker, released in 2019. The book is a fun read of maths mistakes that have consequences in the real world. This is not a book about formulas, nor is it about theorems, proofs, or how not to make mistakes in maths. The author states in the introduction that one of the purposes of the book is to show that maths is not always about being right, but more about the process of exploring the mathematical world.

Java: refactoring logic & impure functions for unit-tests

This is a small Java Coding Dojo where we analyze a piece of code given to us. Our mission is to unit-test it. You can find all of the code from this article in its git repository. 1. The code Here is the code we are given: import; import; import java.nio.file.Files; import java.nio.file.Path; public final class Base { public static String readOrDefault(final String path) { final var file = new File(path); if (!

Life's Short

Common sense shows us that the human life is short, and that we better do something useful for ourselves and others during our brief journey on earth[1]. 1. Translation from French of chapter I of "365 M├ęditations quotidiennes du Dala├»-Lama" (ISBN: 978-2-266-24075-8)

When will we be ready to talk with aliens?

We have discovered about 3800 exoplanets as of July 2018, and we estimate that around 40 billions are present in our own galaxy. Someday, we might very well encounter another species with whom we would like to communicate. But what will be their mode of communication? Will we be ready? Here, I’d like to outline some milestones we need to achieve before we can hope to be able to do so.

How to live long and prosper

Whoever you are, and wherever you live on Earth, you are human, just like I am. Are there any universal truth that most scientific bodies agree upon that can be used to make you live both longer and healthier? It turns out that the answer is yes, and it’s the job of the World Health Organization (WHO) to actually conduct studies with expert scientists of the world to come up with worldwide applicable recommendations.