Essence of astronomy binoculars shopping

Shopping for astronomy binoculars can be complicated, and lots of terms are thrown around, such as magnification, diameter, weight, size, etc. Is a 8x42 better than a 10x50? or a 20x60? What does that even mean? 1. Biology and Physics In the dark, your eye’s pupil will dilate up to 5 to 7 mm after about 20 minutes. As a consequence, any binoculars / telescope image should match this size, and no more.

Make UIs Fast Again

Computers are fast. Modern Web UIs tend not to be. Making them as quick as possible depends on where you are on the interactions spectrum. The principle to make UIs fast: remove the slow parts. I’ll discuss some strategies to do so, depending on where you are on the interactions spectrum. 1. Interactions Spectrum Back in the 1970s, you could boot a computer and been dropped in an interactive shell in a few 100s of milliseconds.

JSON processing with Jq made simpler

Jq is a very convenient tool to handle JSON from the cli or in scripts and programs. Yet, many find it complex to use, and not obvious. Jq relies on a few core concepts. Once understood, they make using jq a lot easier. In this post, I’ll discuss the 4 most important jq concepts. For each, I’ll give a few examples of usual things that are possible.

Reliability of Sequential Layers

Have you ever seen an architecture diagram with many layers of services, and wondered how reliable it is? After all, KISS is better, right? Our intuition tells us it makes sense: if each layer can fail, more layers just mean more failure. But exactly how many layers become too much? 1. Model By layers, I mean units that depend on each other to process an input.

Anything as a service: business ideas

Good ideas come in two flavours: original and improvement. Original ideas are those that bring to the world something that was never conceived before: they are rare and difficult to come up with, but almost always have a lasting impact. Improvements take an idea from another field, and apply it to a novel one: they often imply seeing a pattern that is not formulated yet, and generalizing it.