The other day, I was working on some "workers" that need to talk to a main server to get their job through http.

I didn’t want to bother running a server in local, so I went ahead and saved the server responses as local files. At that point, I forgot what library or tool is used by those workers to mock such a server, but then I remembered that caddy is installed on my computer because we use it as a webserver for the ui.

Why couldn’t I use caddy instead?

1. Example

In my case, I wanted to serve the json file if some query parameters were present and if the http verb is POST.

And serve a 204 No Content if the http verb is PUT.

Turns out it’s quite easy in Caddyfile:

:8080 {
  root * .

  @worker {
    method POST
    query taskId=1234
  handle @worker {
    method GET
    rewrite * /myfile.json

  @workerPut {
    method PUT
  handle @workerPut {
    respond 204

Run caddy run, and voilà.